Moto Business Review: Miss Moto, Gold Coast QLD (ships nationwide)

Moto Business Review: Miss Moto, Gold Coast QLD (ships nationwide)

A refreshing change

Miss Moto was founded by a rider named Jodie who was tired of seeing pink on every piece of female motorcycle gear. It's one of the reasons Flying Solo Gear Co is branded the way it is. When something doesn't exist, create it. That's the impression I got when I first spoke with Jodie over the phone.

Her tone was humble, patient, and confident. She knew she had a good product in her hands and was willing to put in the legwork to make sure others knew about it as well. Miss Moto is setting up for success with numerous in-person kiosks and her legging tour around the East Coast of Australia so interested buyers can try them on.

Miss Moto currently imports from the UK and USA but plans to create its own line of motorcycle gear. When a business is bootstrapped, decisions are more careful, and products that represent the brand need to be spot on. Constant review and revision is an absolute prerequisite before the release of a premium product.

If you followed Sheba Rides Australia at all, you know I don't like mint/pretty things. I think things are meant to be used...and used hard. With that said, I'll be posting an update after I really give these pants a go on the streets and through travel. Regardless, I look forward to seeing what Miss Moto will come up with next in their own line of original gear.


MotoGirl Kevlar Leggings: A complete review

Packaging & Branding

The leggings came in an ExpressPost parcel within the week of ordering, with handwritten address labels. It was folded neatly in a clear plastic bag and included a MotoGirl (the UK manufacturer) tag looped to one of the belt straps. Branding was minimal except for a small orange tag on the outer left thigh. I'm thankful that even the branding didn't have an ounce of pink on it. Bonus: The parcel also came with heaps of stickers (because who doesn't like stickers?!).

 Pros Cons
  • Product arrived quickly
  • Leggings were folded nicely
  • Minimal branding
  • Stickers for days
  • None

kevlar leggings flying solo gear co

First Impressions

Upon first touch, the texture differed from the stiffer, demin type fabric I expected. It was closer to tough cotton: it didn't feel outright stretchy, but also didn't feel too loose either.

The waistband came up surprisingly high and it looked like the top of the pants was going to cover my rib cage. It would be hard to imagine fitting into it if I saw these pants on the shelves in a brick-and-mortar store. Luckily, testimonials helped this design along, with many attributing their overall comfort to this very waistband.

The waistband was also a lot stiffer than I thought, so I was wondering how I'm going to make it inside this corset. I was alone in the room, so there was a legitimate fear that I would have to walk to work in these pants if I couldn't get them off.

Laid out flat, the pants don't grab your attention. But then again, that might be exactly what you're after. Other brands designed a shinier, waxier finish on their pants but it never suited my personal style. So, I didn't mind how discreet the whole look was.

For some reason, I also didn't expect kneepads as I had been riding kneepad free for almost a decade, so it was more of a "oh wow" moment. Overall, I was pleased with the build and quality.


In a nutshell
  • Expected a denim feel, was surprised by softer cotton texture
  • Was surprised at the stiffness of elastic waistband
  • Laid out flat, the waistband looks huge and unlikely to accommodate my shape
  • Surprised it came with kneepads
  • Overall great quality


Trying them on

Thanks to years of gym training, I'm now 15kg heavier than my genetic predisposition. Muscle on a shorter person means that most female clothing doesn't fit unless they have elastic in them. I've given up on standard jeans entirely. Standing at 5'2" and 60kg with short femurs and thick thighs, I always go into a pair of pants with doubt. Rule of thumb: If I can put pants on while standing, they fit. If I have to lie down, they don't.

My core is barrel shaped and my shoulders are wide from years as a paddler. "hourglass figure" hardly applies here - when standing upright, my resemblance to an inflated Dorito chip is more on par. Pants tend not to hold on very well on my legs, and being on a sportbike means apologizing to the people behind me for what cannot be unseen. Basically, the probability of crack is high.

Thankfully, it was hardly a struggle to get them on. The fit is true to size (I ordered a Size 10, as are my regular pants) and the corset looking waistband turned out to be a tummy tucking delight. The elastic within the fabrics held close to the curves of my thighs and calves, and did not fold or gather near the groin. Rather than trying to conform to numbers (Size 8, 10, 12, etc) each pant allows for individual differences thanks to the elasticity in the fabric. I feel confident that I can consume 3 burritos without the need to unbutton.


In a nutshell
  • Disclaimer: I'm a lumpy mess, therefore I never fit anything properly
  • It was easy to get them on and off. No buttons or zips
  • The high waistband holds my midsection in just fine
  • The elastic fabrics adhere to the shape of my body perfectly
  • You can eat 3 burritos and still feel great



For testing purposes, I did some jumps, air squats, and full tucks. The ninja inside me was pleased with the full range of motion. And as my mother used to say, "say no to crack". Even though you were just acquainted, they felt like an old friend. I could almost do the splits in them, which would be saying a lot seeing as how my last pair of Kevlar pants had a massive hole in the groin during/after Sheba Rides Australia. R.I.P jeans.

The pants feel like I could wear them at the café and not look sloppy, or wear them on a quick run to the hills and still feel safe in them. They are really damn comfortable.

I quite like the two deep pockets that can fit keys, change, and even a Samsung S6 phone. They aren't zippered, so I wouldn't hold valuables in it, but it's a nice added touch when you're just hanging out at a café. Our Killswitch Pack sits nicely around the waistband and the elastic spreads itself evenly around the circumference of the waist. It doesn't move when twisting fast, and doesn't get bunched up in the front when I lean forward.

As a shorter person on a motorbike, stopping at red lights will always be a height issue. But Kevlar leggings allow me to reach the ground far easier than leathers. I wore these leggings around the city and were surprised as to how cool they are when the days get warm.

In a nutshell
  • Even new, they don't need to be "worn in"
  • Full range of motion, great for sportbike riders who need to tuck, lean, and hang
  • Here's to hoping it goes through another adventure like Sheba Rides Aus.
  • Great multipurpose look
  • Can still touch the ground, hurray!




The jeans have 2 front pockets (where you expect them to be). They are true pockets and you can probably hold up to a few credit cards inside, but aren't zippered. I'd prefer the Killswitch Pack for this reason, but these pockets are good for small change and lollies.

Personally, the kneepads are a bit distracting thanks to the sharp top edge of each kneepad. My quads extend out further than normal so they dig into the skin a bit, but this can simply be rectified by removing the kneepads altogether. Depending on your shape, this may or may not be an issue.

Unless you are wearing ancient undergarments made for your grandmother, you might feel a scratchy tag on your back. The MotoGirl tag is made of fabric handpicked from cactuses in the outback, so this will promptly be removed as well. If MotoGirl could improve anything on these leggings, it would be to use a nicer fabric for the tag, or put it in a different location.

The mesh lining on the inside helps with the removal of the pants, unlike my old Kevlar jeans where your legs directly touched the Kevlar. After a while, you become one with pants that don't have this mesh lining. This lining would also help on hot days where breathability is as important as mobility. Also, in a crash, it makes for less friction between yourself and the pants, therefore less likely to draw blood (just get bruised).


In a nutshell
  • Yay pockets! But I'd prefer the Killswitch Pack.
  • Kneepads do not suit the shape of my thighs (but it might for other people)
  • The tag is irritating but can be carefully removed by a stitch cutter.
  • Full length mesh lining is a welcome feature



So far, every review so far has spoken in volumes as to how comfortable these Kevlar leggings are. They aren't lying. These are the most comfortable motorcycle pants I've ever tried. The downsides of the pants are so minor compared to how good they look and feel. While other pant manufacturers keep releasing new styles with absurd varieties, this motorcycle company has taken only one exceptional product and kept perfecting it.

If you'd like to purchase a pair from Miss Moto, visit their website here.


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