Moto Business review: MotoHeaven in Moorabbin, Victoria

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Moto Business review: MotoHeaven in Moorabbin, Victoria

It's just over 1 week out from our Sheba Rides Australia 18,000km trip, relieved of the anxiety usually caused by getting my bike serviced.

Sheba had just been thoroughly checked over by the magicians over at MotoHeaven and I was quite pleased by the work done by Robbie, their in-house mechanic. The business is owned and operated by Adrian and Nathan - a couple of guys who just love to ride, and do good work while they're at it. 10 years into their business, they have expanded into their new location here:

290 Wickham Road
Moorabbin (Just south of Melbourne)
VIC 3189

The moment I walked in, I was greeted by two guys, one of whom I've met before as Nathan. Starting up was quick - they were on schedule, and my bike was looked after right away. I was offered a coffee while I waited, so I walked around admiring their in-store riding gear and setup. I had visited only once prior, which was to set up a partnership between Flying Solo Gear Co. and MotoHeaven. Our Killswitch Packs are now hanging out on their shelves, ready to go.

The first item on the list was my USB charger. They didn't seem bothered at all that I had already done both my oil, oil filter, chain, and air filter. They also didn't attempt to up-sell me on anything, which was a nice change in pace through garages that I've been through on two continents. Their prices were fair and their advice was trustworthy. The only thing with the USB was that the clamp it came with wasn't going to be adequate for the vibration of dirt road. So, they suggested a mount that they had in-store which I took in a heartbeat. Taking their advice was the best decision of the day. Rob ran the line under the tank and directly to the battery, so that it can draw power when the bike was off. This was smart, because the USB draws minimal power in the first place, and it came with a little on/off switch. It also had a little LED light to let you know when it's on, so you don't have to worry about finding a dead battery.

Not only did Rob go over every bolt on my bike, gently tightening each one, but he also threw in a couple of fairing bolts I had lost in a crash. He then unscrewed my left bar end and replaced my chewed up handlebar rubber because my old one still had skid marks. The engine case was weeping quite a bit so I had actually lost about 1L of oil in the past 3 weeks (likely now on the roads of Tasmania). He topped it up with Motul 7100 10W40 - the kind that looks like it belongs on a snowcone because of that delicious cherry red colour.

Finally, he gave it a good hard test ride around the block to make sure everything was sweet. I thanked Rob and Nathan for their time, and I was on my way. No extra charges, no bullshit.

On my way home, I tried out the USB charger. The mount they suggested worked perfectly, and my phone was happy as a clam. It charged about 65% in 30 minutes and was so stable that I could text someone if I wanted to.

Wherever you are, I can't stress enough: find a garage that not only performs good, honest work, but also one that doesn't sweat the small stuff and has a genuine love for all things two-wheeled. My experience with MotoHeaven has been top notch and I have no doubt yours will be too.

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