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Tully Tailbag Strap Updates


Straps not staying tight

Date we were notified:

13th May 2021, 6pm

Users affected:

Approx 50% of customers have requested updated straps


  • We have been testing with bent G-hook buckles without a clip
  • Our request to the manufacturer is that we needed a clip on every buckle
  • They were able to source a G-hook buckle with a clip
  • However, the buckle was flat and not bent
  • As a result, the buckle could not provide enough tension to keep the straps tight at certain angles

What you need to know:

If this strap issue affects you, please email us at so that I can arrange for updated straps to be sent to you at no extra charge.

The straps will have a bent G-hook buckle, and you can choose between 2 styles:


Please include in your email what buckle style you'd prefer.



13th May 2021

Two early customers contacted us through Facebook at approx 6pm, saying that the straps aren't staying tight on their bike.

After checking immediately, we find this to be accurate.

We send a mass email out to all Tully Tailbag customers at 7:45pm.

We spend the rest of the night emailing various metal buckle suppliers for samples. We expedite some samples to HQ.


15th May 2021

We create a blueprint for 4 different strap styles to suit different uses (with clip, no clip, with cam buckle, and piggyback). We apply for (and soon after, get approved) for a small business loan to purchase the straps.


25th May 2021

We receive sample buckles and sew some prototype straps in-house to test.

After a quick road test we adjust the blueprint accordingly and send it to our chosen buckle manufacturer. 


28th May 2021

We put a deposit on enough materials to produce the bent G-hook buckles.

We also send a mass email out to all affected Tully customers as to what their preference is (clip vs no clip).

Manufacturers get to work sourcing raw aluminium to create the buckles.


17th June 2021

The buckle manufacturers finish producing the buckles. We pay the balance cost of the order.

They send them direct to the manufacturers of the Tully Tailbags.


25th June 2021

Our Tully manufacturers receive the buckles. They consult with their team about the requirements needed for this round of straps.


2nd July 2021

Final approval of 4 strap designs and quantities. Buckles commence being sewn into nylon straps.


14th July 2021

Manufacturer sends photo of 1of each pc of the bulk order while continuing production.


19th July 2021

Manufacturer advises that the straps should finish production in about 15-20 days.


Does this issue affect you?

Please write to us below using the same name you used in your order. If your purchased from one of our stockists, please prepare to send through a tax invoice.