6-Pack Black and Silver Reflective Iron-Ons

Black/Silver 6-pack


What's Included

  • 6 logos per pack
  • 1x Black 15cm
  • 2x Black 7.5cm
  • 1x Silver 15cm
  • 2x Silver 7.5cm,
  • Great way to increase visibility at night
  • Quick and easy to apply!

Demo Photos


Things you'll need

  • An iron
  • A flat, clean area like a table or ironing board
  • Scissors
  • The object you want to the logos to go!


Setting your Iron

  • LOW-MEDIUM for materials easily damaged by heat
  • MEDIUM for The Ashvault Backpack or other synthetic materials
  • HIGH for cotton or other heat resistant textiles
  • Always test an area before you begin! 

Preparing the area

  • Separate the yellow backing and the plastic film
  • Lay the glossy side of the film facing up, and the logo touching the material
  • For heat sensitive materials, place the yellow paper between the plastic film and the iron
  • Ensure all sticky tape is removed from the plastic film before ironing


Ironing the pattern on

  • Iron smoothly and evenly over the logo for 30-45sec. Avoid stopping in one place for too long
  • Ensure all parts of the logo has received adequate heat, or the logo won't stick
  • The plastic film should feel too hot to touch when it's ready
  • After ironing, allow to cool completely before touching (important!)


Removing the plastic film

  • If the plastic film is still warm, the logo may not stick properly
  • Starting from one end, hold down the material while very carefully pulling back the plastic film, ensuring the logo is stuck to the material
  • Be careful around the tips of the wings and the ends of the Killswitch circle

You're done! Your new shiny iron on is ready to go!


Pro tips - Important!

  • Any white discoloration from bruised plastic will not affect the finished design
  • Do NOT iron on plastic or rubber!! The heat may melt the material.
  • Avoid letting the iron sit in one spot, especially if the material is heat sensitive
  • If the plastic film is still warm when you try to remove it, the logo may not stick properly. Let it go completely cold before removing the film.
  • We cannot be responsible if the iron-ons do not stick. Please be confident in ironing before you begin or have a professional do it for you.


Applying to Ashvault Backpacks

Applying iron-ons to The Ashvault Backpack

When applying to the front of The Ashvault Backpack, use a LOW setting, iron on the yellow backing paper, and be sure that the area does not get overheated. The waterproof compartment inside the front flap of Ashvault can melt if too much heat is applied!

You can put a small microfibre towel inside the waterproof pocket to make sure the two sides of the pocket are separated

Make sure the backpack is clean and dry. The best time to apply the iron-ons is as soon as you get the backpack!


CAUTION: Use these at your own risk! This is an item that causes permanent customisation to your item. We cannot take any responsibility for damage caused by use of a hot iron. Ask a professional who is comfortable with a heat press and decaling before you begin, if you're unsure.

Aside from creating better visibility at night, these versatile vinyl heat-transfer iron ons are also a great way to making your gear unique!

As long as you have an iron or heat press, you can get the phoenix emblem on almost any textile surface. When a light shines on the emblem, the logo will bounce back super bright!


Disclaimer: Flying Solo Gear Co does not take any responsibility for damaged gear caused by ironing. Please note that once the reflective iron ons are applied, they are permanent. We would say this is a good thing :)