The Ashvault Backpack

Launches week of Oct 22nd 2018

  • Reduce fatigue and extend your riding

  • Protect your spine from objects you're carrying

  • Save your belongings from bad weather

  • Stay hydrated without getting off the bike

The Ashvault Backpack only+ Back Protector (+$30)
No reflective iron-ons+ 3-Pack Iron-Ons (+$10)

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  Why did we create The Ashvault Backpack?  

You know that feeling when you're sure you've looked all over the internet, only to be underwhelmed by what's available?

It seems that every motorcycle backpack was lacking something, whether it be reflective strips, ease of use, that extra pocket nobody thought of, or just general good looks. 

That's exactly what we thought too, when we created Ashvault. 

Based on a big motorcycle lap around Australia, we included so many features into the design of Ashvault to make a versatile, durable, practical, and aesthetic backpack for motorcycle riders. 

We're certain that your search stops now.

  What can you do with The Ashvault Backpack?  

  • Get caught in the rain or fly through mud with confidence

  • Protect your spine from the objects you're carrying, unlike other backpacks

  • Stay hydrated without getting off the bike

  • Reduce fatigue and extend your riding

  • Have better visibility and safety at night

  • Enjoy having your hands free while carrying your helmet

  • Hide your valuables in top-secret pockets

  • and so, so much more...

  Who should use The Ashvault Backpack?  


  • Aerodynamic anti-drag shape

  • Stiff fabric that stays stable at speed

  • Universal back protector sleeve

  • No-flap strap system

  • Doesn't affect cornering or hanging off
  • Enjoy having your hands free while carrying your helmet


  • Fully Camelbak ready

  • Mesh shoulder straps for easy cleaning

  • Anti-slip rubber for added stability

  • Bright orange interior panel to signal for help

  • Medical ID pocket
  • Removable chest harness

  • Carry a tyre puncture kit and tool kit, all while keeping the weight close to your body to reduce fatigue

Adventure & Touring

  • Opening design can act as a backpack, tailbag, or topbox!

  • Ultra comfortable to reduce fatigue

  • Higher visibility at night

  • Tiedown points and helmet holder

  • Waterproof pocket inside for electronics
  • Durable fabric for thousands of kilometres of use

Street & Cruising

  • Double curved shoulder straps allow complete mobility in the arms

  • Contoured design allows for shoulder checks
  • Perfect shape and size for city riding

  • Multiple pockets for mobile, wallet, keys, cards

  • Straps are designed for easy on-and-off

  • Classy look and timeless fabric to match gear

Commuting and Traveling

  • Padded laptop compartment

  • Pocket for tablet, passports, notepad, small documents

  • Completely waterproof pocket for small electronics and cards

  • Fits neatly in overhead compartments or underneath the seat on planes, without dangling straps

  • Stylish cationic dyed twill fabric suitable for the office or on-the-go

Everyday Carry & Other Passions

  • Extremely versatile features to use in every day life

  • Double layered with water-resistant twill and Ripstop Nylon for durability and water resistance

  • Higher visibility at night

  • Makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves being brave!

  • Outside
  • Inside
  • Shoulder Straps
  • Bonus


  • Dimensions: 47cm x 32cm x 15cm

  • Weight: 0.45kg

  • Volume: 15L

Additional Options

External Features

  • Contoured, anti-drag main compartment

  • Waterproof exterior and zippers

  • Anti-abrasion, anti-puncture exterior fabric

  • 3D mesh on the backside for maximum airflow

  • Cationic dyed, water-resistant twill fabric

Inside the main compartment

  • Waterproof Ripstop Nylon interior

  • Padded sleeve for back protector, hydration pack, or 13" laptop (15" Macbook air)

  • Padded pocket for iPad/tablets, small tools, other small items

  • Fully waterproof inside pocket for mobile, spot tracker, cards, important documents

  • Bright orange inside panel to signal for help after a crash

  • Medical ID pocket

Shoulder Straps

  • Durable, lightweight mesh shoulder straps for easy cleaning and airflow

  • Double-curved shoulder straps to allow for shoulder checks and greater arm movement

  • Anti-slip rubber underneath the straps

  • No sweaty, hot padding!

  • No-flap strap system for the clean and tidy look

  • Removable no-flap chest harness

Bonus Features

  • External helmet holder (included!) - can fold into itself when not in use

  • Top-secret pockets on both sides, only accessible by the user

  • Hidden portal in side pocket for headphones or USB charger

  • Clips and tube feed for Camelbak

  • Reflective printing for night visibility (additional reflective iron-ons available as an optional extra)

  • Tie-down points to strap onto luggage

  • Carry handle that automatically tucks away when not in use


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