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Tully Waterproof Tailbags

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  • No need to unstrap to get your gear!
  • Converts to a messenger bag (straps included)
  • Easy on-off universal strap system will fit any bike
  • Unique roll & tuck strap design - no more loose straps!
  • Even attaches to Kriega tailbags!


    • Sealed waterproof zip with watertight lock
    • Welded seams
    • Removable hard wall to protect your gear
    • Easy-access water resistant external pocket
    • Completely waterproof main compartment
    • Mesh small-goods pocket
    • T-Shaped zipper pulley for use with gloves
    • Sleek, tapered design
    • Reflective logos
    • Handle for easy carry off the bike
    • ID Pocket

      What's Included

      • 4x Universal anchor straps
      • 1x Messenger strap
      • 1x pair of Backpack Straps (Medium size only)
      • 1x small tube of silicone grease for zipper maintenance
      • 2x Piggyback straps
      • Instruction manual
      • Energy to help you through the next downpour you get caught in


      • External shell: Waterproof TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) coated fabric
      • Main compartment zip: Sealed waterproof zipper
      • Dome compartment zip: Water resistant zipper
      • Internal pocket: PVC coated mesh
      • Straps: High tensile nylon
      • G-Hooks: Aluminium

      Small 7L Measurements

      • Measurements: 280mm (L) x 250mm (W) x 150mm (H)
      • Volume: 7L
      • Tailbag Weight: 640g
      • Tailbag + Straps Weight: 840g

      Medium 15L Measurements

      • Measurements: 400mm (L) x 260mm (W) x 160mm (H)
      • Volume:15L
      • Tailbag Weight: 960g
      • Tailbag + Straps Weight: 1400g

      TPU coated textiles are UV resistant, can stand up to extreme weather and environmental conditions, and resist abrasions and punctures. Combined with glued or welded seals, these fabrics have excellent air- and liquid-holding capability. (source)

      Important Note

      Note: We are in the process of updating our straps based on early feedback from our first Tully users. Currently the straps may be difficult to tighten depending on the angle they are anchored.

      If you purchase a Tully and find it affects you, we will gladly send out updated straps when they are ready, and you can keep the set that comes with your pack. We'll go to the ends of the earth to make sure you are happy with your Tully!


      Q: Will TULLY fit my bike?

      A: We provide a total of 6 straps per tailbag to help you find the best way to fit Tully on your bike. Tully is happiest on flat, wide seats. However, it's possible to fit Tully on sportbike seats and some rear fenders. You're welcome to use your imagination!


      Q: Why is the zipper stiff?

      A: Tully is no ordinary tailbag. We've used a waterproof/dustproof zipper with a locking mechanism at the end. Because of this, the zipper may feel stiff for a while. Use the silicone grease provided using the instructions that come with your bag. It will become easier to use over time.


      Q: I've strapped it to the bike, but it seems loose. Why?

      A: Tully is designed to flex a little on the bottom, but not a whole lot. Depending on the shape of your seat, Tully may feel a bit loose because it has flexed all it can. The G-hooks have spring clips so you know that Tully won't detach from your bike.


      Q: Why does the material look bent/wrinkled on the top?

      A; Tully is made from marine grade TPU, which is the same materials used in lifeboats. This material is a stiff fabric that is supported by an inner plastic shell. When the tailbags are packed, they might get a few wrinkles here and there. Over time and with use, these wrinkles go away. Stuff the top pocket with soft materials to help this along.



      More Info

      We riders live for that time in the saddle - whether your ride is open road, twisty fun, or a road much less travelled, TULLY will follow you everywhere.

      There's more to motorcycle gear than just being on the bike. It's everything in-between, too.

      Who wants to spend precious riding time mucking around with messy loose straps, just to get a sip of water? Who's tired of an overly complicated tailbag that is both hard to clean, and hard to look at?

      We wanted to design for both purpose and lifestyle when we created TULLY. Named after one of the wettest towns in 'Straya, we created a unique, sleek, functional tailbag that is easy to use, easy to clean, and looks damn good on any bike.

      Oh, and they're universal - so swap them between bikes, go up and down sizes, or stack 'em on top of each other. The choice is yours.


      "Great little bag for keeping various bits & pieces in one place, ideal for a daily commuter or the sports rider who doesn't want or have the capacity to keep their wallet, keys, phone on their person."
      J. D., Victoria



      Pushing Tully Tailbags to the absolute limits!

      Quick and Easy Strapping System:

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Sarka Zeman
      Love it!

      I have to admit that I was sceptical if the Tully tailbag would be able to withstand the type of riding I do. Especially since I destroyed two tailbags already. But it seems that I have finally found my match.
      The Tully is exceptionally tough and easily copes with days of being shaken on the back of my dirt bike. Even on the very tough tracks full of endless whoops. And the best thing is that I don’t have to remove it after a trip. I simply hose it down along with my bike.
      I also highly recommend the packing boxes that fit perfectly inside and provide further protection for my belongings. They look great and the carry handles make them fantastic to take with you.
      Congratulations on an awesome product. I love it!!!

      Susan Lewis
      Tough, good looking, practical

      As soon as you open the packaging you can feel the great quality. The zippers are tough, the design is stylish and it's super practical. I love the fact that you open the cover of the bag and everything you've packed is right in front of you. No more having to empty everything out of your bag to find what you need. Can't recommend this luggage highly enough.

      What your bike needs

      Top quality product. Perfect for my bike. Love how good the zippers are and heaps of space for all my stuff. Came super quickly and well packed. Really stoked with it!!!

      Jo Thomas
      Best bags ever!

      I just got my Tully tail bags!
      S E N S A T I O N A L 🕺🏻
      Build quality ✅
      Packaging ✅
      Service ✅
      Speed of delivery ✅

      If you are considering buying one and not sure, seriously: DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR!!!!!

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