Water-Resistant Motorcycle Helmet Holder

  • Protect your most important piece of gear -  your helmet!
  • Keeps rain, dust, insects, and other elements out
  • Deter theft by hiding your helmet from the public
  • Doubles up as extra storage
  • Need extra water-resistant protection? Put your electronics in the Helmet Holder before putting it in your moto luggage.


  • 4 clips to attach to any backpack or luggage
  • Pull your chin strap D-rings through the hole and easily attach to the bike
  • Will hold all road helmets from XS - 2XL
  • Waterproof Ripstop Nylon - soft enough to pack away, tough enough to use every day

Small pouch for easy storage

  • Simply roll your helmet holder and tuck away into its attached pocket

More Info

Wet helmets suck. 

It only takes getting caught in the rain once to realise how important it is to keep your head dry. It's like wet socks, or wet underwear. You start to question your life choices with every kilometre that goes by.

Luckily, that's a thing of the past.

These waterproof Ripstop nylon helmet holders are easy to pack and stow for a (literal) rainy day. Keep it in your bike's boot, the bottom of your backpack, or inside a tailbag or tankbag - ready to go for the next time you get caught out.

Included in the Ashvault Backpack

This awesome helmet holder is included with any purchase of The Ashvault Backpack.

Not suitable for helmets with a peak (ie. Adventure or MX style helmets)