Shipping & Returns

Your tracking number is provided in a shipping confirmation email once we fulfil the order. Note: you must have provided an email address or phone number to receive a tracking number. Decals are provided in regular post and don't have a tracking number. It may take up to 24 hours for the tracking number to show any info once we create the label.

We always aim to fulfil orders within 1 business day. This means we prepare your order and have it ready for courier pickup. Due to the influx in online shopping, courier pickups can take up to 2 days. Delivery within Australia may take up to 2 weeks, while delivery to the rest of the world may take up to 6 weeks. We wish we could make this go faster, but the global pandemic has put a strain on global postal services, and once it leaves our HQ it is impossible for us to control.

Email us and we can arrange an exchange. We don't cover the return shipping cost, but we do send out another size free of charge.

Yes! Shipping to the rest of the world (outside of Australia) is free for orders over $150. For more shipping information, click here.


Oh no, that's no good! Please take photos of it and email us. If it's within 3 years of purchase, we'll arrange a replacement, even if you purchased it from one of our retailers. For more info, click here.

We try our best to make durable, reliable, high quality products. If it's been 3 years of use and your product finally breaks, it falls under our normal wear and tear policy and wouldn't be covered. We strive to make our products stronger every batch, so we'll be noting your feedback for next time.

Please reach out to the same retailer you purchased the product from, as they will have their own return and exchange policy.

Product Info

After years of searching for talent, we now proudly have an integral relationship with two bag manufacturers in China. Both are located in Fujian, on the coast of the Taiwan Strait.

One of them specialises in laser-welded sealed waterproof bags, and they produce Tully Tailbags. They also produce marine lifesaving equipment, so we know their gear is durable and waterproof.

The other specialises in camping equipment and they produce The Ashvault Backpack and The Killswitch Pack. We wanted to work with a versatile manufacturer who knows how to develop bags that endure the elements.

Our apparel comes from around the world, including USA, parts of Europe, and Bangladesh. Our apparel is printed with love, in Central Coast NSW and right here in Melbourne VIC.

Our decals are produced locally in Melbourne.

We spent the first year of business on the hunt for a manufacturer who aligned with our vision and was able to deliver on time, and at the quality we wanted.

We weren't able to find a bag manufacturer within Australia who could do this at the level we were after.

We are confident in our relationship with our current bag manufacturers in China. 28% of the world's goods are made in China, including the electronics you're probably using right now!

We are on a mission to create products that last. We've put in hundreds of human-hours to develop designs and use materials that riders will be happy with for years to come.

We are phasing out plastic polybags for biodegradable ones. We recycle soft plastics and cardboard packaging.

Our apparel line is moving toward using recycled materials - the Seymour crewneck sweater was once 16 plastic bottles!