The Ashvault Backpack
The Ashvault Backpack
The Ashvault Backpack

The Ashvault Backpack

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***Expected launch date October 30 2018***


The Ashvault Backpack was designed with the rider in mind.

At Flying Solo Gear Company, we know the possibilities are endless when it comes to design and performance. We wanted a lot of things in a motorcycle backpack. Comfort, durability, practicality, aesthetics, and usability were all considered in the creation process of this unique and stylish everyday essential.

Feb 1 2018: A first prototype is being created by hand by a talented creative based in Brisbane, Australia. We are set to start the sampling process by March 1st.

  • Kevlar carbon fibre layers, just like our flagship product The Killswitch Pack
  • Waterproof shell and zippers
  • Encased back protector
  • Sturdy design that will stand upright
  • External helmet holder with extra padding
  • USB charging port to use with a powerbank (powerbank not included)
  • Laptop compartment up to 15"
  • Expandable main compartment

This backpack will not be just a motorcycle backpack! The internal back protector will help prevent injury in a range of sports, such as cycling, snowboarding, hiking, climbing, and many other activities. You can always remove the back protector if you want to convert your backpack for work or school.

The seams will be sealed to prevent the entry of water. While you cannot submerge the backpack, you can definitely keep your essentials dry if you get caught in a downpour. 

A strong Kevlar carbon fibre hybrid fabric layer on the front panel increases the abrasion resistance and puncture resistance of the pack, so that this pack will be with you for as long as you need it to.

We will double-stitch every seam to make sure it lasts ride after ride. We at Flying Solo Gear Company pride ourselves on the quality and beauty of our products. We welcome any and all feedback when it comes to the development of our gear, because we are always striving to make a difference in the motorcycle community. We hope you'll take part in the launch of this motorcycle backpack.